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Plumbing Web Connection Guest Column

Call Tracking and Kale are Packed Full of Benefits.
By Ross Wingo - Content marketer at Century Interactive
Do you eat kale? Do you eat it because your mom told you to? Did she convince you that it's versatility makes it work great for all sorts of dishes? Did she enlighten you on how it’s packed with nutrients (seriously, we’re talking fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, iron and omega-3 fatty acids, among other good things)?

No, you probably tried kale because your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend insisted. Or, maybe your buddy talked up a decent kale salad from that restaurant down the street. Maybe you gave some Bobbly Flay recipe a whirl that called for the stuff.

Although our moms are sages and tend to have the best advice in the world (love ya mom!), we often don’t listen. We nod and say, “yes, OK,” but the advice goes in one ear and out the other. Ultimately, it’s strange, but we tend to take the advice of others before own mother’s. Why is that?

Basically, we’re stubborn. We exited the womb many years ago and have been fighting for independence ever since. We need to figure things out for ourselves. We need the opinion of a non-parent or authoritative family figure in order to pay attention.

We recently ran across a blog post from Business 2 Community that talked about call tracking. In the post, Business 2 Community ranks various major industries that could benefit from call tracking analytics.

Guess what? Home services is at the very the top of the list.

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Business 2 Community asserts that home services businesses “must” track their phone calls. They must do so in order to gain vital, customer conversion insight. Essentially, the kind of insight to make smarter marketing and customer service decisions.

Quality call tracking and web conversion analytics should reveal what advertisements are leading to calls, what keywords are being used in Google queries to locate a business and how a business’ employees are handling phone calls.

Business 2 Community highlights how going from internet search to phone call is a “common conversion path for these types of [home services] requests.”

The article also says, “if you’re entrusting a person to come to your home to fulfill a service request, there’s planning involved that is most efficiently done over the phone.”

We’re not sure if a home services business benefits from call tracking any more than say, an automotive dealership. However, we’ve seen how businesses in both industries can indeed make massive improvements to handling leads and converting customers.

Just like with kale, you had to hear about the benefits of call tracking from someone else. And just like your mom, we hope the advice sticks.

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