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Mansfield Plumbing Celebrates "Made in the USA Day".

Cap'n HookŪ tips are part of Uniweld's line up of Hot Tips for brazing & heating. The patented Uniweld Cap'n HookŪ tips offer concentrated heat (up to 5600 ºF). The 40º flame angle flows onto copper tubing and away from sensitive areas, thus minimizing the chances of burning adjacent components.

You get 100% wraparound for even heat distribution. Cap'n HookŪ tips are available in 6 models: 3 for oxygen/acetylene and 3 for oxygen/fuel gases such as propylene and propane.

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Cap'n HookŪ 3 flame tips have now been improved to 5 flames, providing additional heat distribution. The previous 5 flame tip design has been improved to 9 flames and the previous 9 flame tip design now has 17 flames.

Cap'n HookŪ models are available for brazing up to 1", 2" and 3" copper tubes. Cap'n HookŪ brazing tips are part of Uniweld's Hot Tips for brazing & heating, which also include the series of Micro 6000™ tips.

Uniweld proudly manufactures these tips in the U.S.A. at their Fort Lauderdale, Florida manufacturing plant.

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