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Plumbing Web Connection Guest Column
Everything You Need to Know About Viega MegaPress EPDM.
Since their introduction to the North American market in 2012, Viega’s MegaPress fittings have earned a reputation as the best in the business. Viega’s ProPress and MegaPress brands have even become somewhat of a generic term for press fittings in general.
AWWA commends EPA, Biden-Harris Administration on plan to reduce lead exposure in drinking water.
WWA CEO David LaFrance was present at a Biden-Harris Administration event on Dec. 16, during which plans to advance protections from lead in drinking water and other sources were announced.
Pressing Gives Plumber Edge Over Bigger Competitors.
Eric Carlson began pressing pipe 20 years ago when the practice was largely unknown in this country. Working for others gave him the opportunity to experience the technology’s speed and reliability.
When he set out on his own five years ago, the master plumber knew pressing would give him the ability to compete against larger companies.
How a Harley Almost Made a Contractors Day.
by Rodney Koop - CEO of The New Flat Rate
I want to tell you a story, a true story, and one that happens way too often.  One fine day, a service contractor, much like yourself, was doing a service call for a very fine new customer. Now, this customer was kind of elderly and looked like he had lived one rough and tumble life.
Beyond Food – Future Supermarkets Enable the Energy Transition.
Danfoss will participate in the next International Energy Agency (IEA) conference in Rotterdam on May 2017 to paint the vision of the new role for supermarkets as enablers of the energy transition.


Millennials vs. Boomers – Where Should Building Product Brands Focus Their Attention?
What is the one word you’ve probably heard and read more than any other during the last 18 months?  It’s contained in every third headline for articles on LinkedIn or in top publications like Fast Company and Fortune. It’s a word that represents a group that marketers have been dissecting and hypothesizing about ad nauseum.

Plumbing Giants Vie for Consumer Attention.
The plumbing category is a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, brands in this space are fairly reliant on contractors and designers to influence consumers because, let’s be honest, homeowners don’t buy toilets or faucets very often.

Top 3 Plumbing Trends of 2016.
By Elmer Zubiate of On Time Elmer Plumbing
As plumbing contractors enter 2016, they can count on a few consumer trends to continue to pick up steam. The interest in advanced technology and water efficiency continues to increase, and interior designers are observing a rising interest in luxury items off the beaten path.

Call Tracking and Kale are Packed Full of Benefits.
By Ross Wingo - Century Interactive
Do you eat kale? Do you eat it because your mom told you to? Did she convince you that it's versatility makes it work great for all sorts of dishes?

Maintaining Loyal Customers Can Be Easier Than You Think.
By Laura Murray - Century Interactive
Great service is crucial to maintaining loyal and regular customers. In fact, 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with you again. Your first meeting will often be the deciding factor on whether or not a customer wants to continue giving you their hard-earned cash.

Tracking Jobs
By: Ellen Rohr
Do you know if your prices are right? Do you know if you are properly bidding your Jobs?   The bottom line is the bottom line.

Do you Have the Mercedes Benz Syndrome?
By: Ruth King is CEO of
A colleague was helping a business owner look for funding for his business. He introduced him to a potential investor at lunch. The next day the investor called my colleague and told him that the person was nice but he would never invest in his business. My colleague asked why. The investor said that he had the “Mercedes Benz syndrome”
Selling To Americans Like a Communist?
By: Joe Crisara Contractor Selling
At the heart of communism is that nobody should have something more outstanding or better than the average person. Whatever one person gets, so should everyone.
Swimming with the Sharks: Transforming your Service Department. 
By Blaine Fox - Warm Thoughts Communications
For those of you who are coming to terms with the reality of this new world and are trying to figure out how to turn the corner, here are some of the most important areas to focus.
Facility Risk: Does Your Plumbing Infrastructure Affect Your Bottom Line?   By Ken Fry, PE, LEED® AP
Often overlooked and critical for food safety are the plumbing systems installed in your facility. More often than not, these systems are inherited from the previous tenant or plant manager. What is out of sight may be out of mind, but there are things you can survey easily to look for signs of trouble and keep your facility out of “hot water” down the road.
Your Plumbing Sales Are Going Down the Drain: Grow Your Customer Base with these 4 Marketing Tips from Appointment-Plus.   Increased demand for plumbing services means increased competition. Stay ahead of the pack with these four marketing tips from Appointment-Plus service scheduling software.
  Running Vent Lines: Vent Line Theory and Technology Have Evolved Substantially Over The Years.
By Bob Beall, Mr. Rooter Plumbing
“Vent line theory and technology have evolved substantially over the years,” says Mr. Rooter. Early system design called for one vent for every fixture.

The Comprehensive Written Information Security Program (WISP) 
By Christopher F. Hawthorne CPCU, CRIS, CIC, LIA
As of March 1st, 2010 Massachusetts has enacted the Data Protection Law (MA 201 CMR 17). This law is designed to protect citizens of Massachusetts from data breaches to help protect their privacy.


Gas Ranges and Clearance to Combustibles.
By Joseph P. Guzzo
How easy is this, I could recite the code word for word when it comes to installing a gas range, or so I thought. The standard installation for household cooking appliances is 30” to combustibles, or 24” when the underside is protected, a ventilation hood is installed, or a upper cooking appliance is installed according to the upper appliances clearance.


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