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Plumber Gets Free Press Tools Through Viega Rewards.

Before Jasper Plumbing had enough press tools to go around, every day started with some swapping to ensure the tools were on the right trucks and headed to the right jobs.

The crews that had the press tools could work faster than those that didn’t so the Lindon, Utah, contractor had to account for that in its planning. But now that Jasper has an additional four Ridgid tools (an RP340 and three 241s) to go with its six Milwaukee press tools, every crew has a press tool and Jasper Plumbing has never been more efficient.


Oatey Co. Launches Updated Drain Seal with an Enhanced Design for Optimal Drain Protection and Water Flow.
Oatey Co., a leading manufacturer in the plumbing industry since 1916, announced today the launch of its updated Drain Seal, which blocks unwanted odors, sewer gases and insects from entering a building through a drain, featuring an enhanced design that won’t restrict water flow or sacrifice drain performance.  <<read complete story>>

  Bradford White and Plumbers Without Borders champion skilled trades careers. Bradford White Corporation, an industry-leading manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial water heating and storage products, announces a partnership with Plumbers Without Borders, a grassroots non-profit organization working to increase global access to safe water and sanitation.  <<read complete story>>  




Belimo Released New Potable Water Valves.
Belimo is excited to release a new range of potable water ball and butterfly valves to control flow for drinking water and food/beverage applications. These NSF-certified valves offer lead-free brass bodies (ball valves), ductile iron ASTM A536 (butterfly valves) for on/off or floating point control with operating ranges up to 230psi, depending on the series.
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Mestek Acquires Slant/Fin Baseboard.
Mestek, Inc., a manufacturer of specialty heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems for industrial, commercial and residential spaces, announces the acquisition of the baseboard assets of Slant/Fin, a leading provider of hydronic baseboard radiation.
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Introducing: The Oxyset. A lightweight, portable brazing system that uses disposable gas cylinders.

Ever carted a full oxy-acetylene kit up a ladder for just a quick brazing job? Then you will love this! Engineered with the gas and water system tech in mind, the Oxyset is ideal for highly-mobile contractors or for working in hard-to-reach areas.

The lightweight and small size of the Bromic Oxyset combined with excellent flame performance generated from pre-filled high pressure oxygen and Map//Pro fuel cylinders make it an ideal solution for working in tricky locations.

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