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Why the Best Repair for Kinked PEX is a Fitting

PEX tubing is great stuff. Tough, durable and flexible – there’s a reason why it’s made so many inroads against copper pipe.
However, with flexibility there can be a “twist” to PEX. Specifically, when PEX is forced to flex more than it should – whether deliberately or accidentally – it can kink. Some installers will try various tricks to exceed the manufacturers recommended bend radius in order to achieve desired installation outcomes.
Most manufacturers do not allow the practice of “hot bending” tubing to make a tighter bend radius. PEX can be easily bent by hand, or with the use of approved bend supports to a radius as small as five times the tubing’s outer diameter.


BIM content is now available for all RLS fittings.
Now it’s easier than ever for HVAC/R system designers to incorporate and specify RLS press fittings. Our website now includes complete 3D BIM objects for all fittings, which are downloadable for use in Autodesk Revit. In addition to the new BIM content, our fittings pages now also include more detailed product information, including specifications, dimensions and weights.
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  Uponor launches new website.
Uponor North America has launched a new website,, built with an intelligent and intuitive design that enables U.S. and Canadian visitors to quickly find whatever they need, whenever they need it — all in a single location that will readily accommodate any screen type: desktop, laptop, pad or mobile phone.  <<read complete story>>




Zurn Opens Second Annual INSPEC Specifier of the Year Contest.
Zurn Industries, LLC is pleased to announce the second annual inSpec Specifier of the Year contest. The company will recognize an American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) member who uses technology to improve the entire plumbing specification process.
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DiversiTech® Acquires SPIN® Tools from Cimport.
Introduced to the HVAC/R market in 2014, SPIN Tools feature an innovative technology to flare or swage copper tubing in seconds. Known for being ten times faster than conventional tools, SPIN Tools were designed to use a high temperature method for shaping metal materials without changing the underlying properties of the copper.  
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Fieldpiece Instruments Introduces the Largest Pipe Clamps on the Market.

Fieldpiece Instruments, HVACR tools and test instruments specialist, announces the launch of the largest jaw pipe clamps for the HVACR industry, the wired TC48 and the wireless system JL3LC. With an unprecedented 4 1/8” jaw opening the new pipe clamps are perfect for commercial and refrigeration field service professionals and also serve the residential market. The clamps, sporting a ¾” to 4 1/8” range, can be used on a wide variety of pipe sizes, especially in large commercial and refrigeration applications.

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